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Top sights in Europe

Discover unlimited amounts of incredible destinations to add to your travel bucket list and read all about Europe’s top attractions and natural wonders. You won’t be disappointed! Our top sights don’t simply include the generic stuff you’re used to hearing, we include peculiar and wondrous sights, as well as the classic ones, of course. After all, have you even been to Rome if you didn’t see the Colosseum or the Vatican?

Sightseeing in Europe

In fact, visiting the Colosseum and Vatican are an absolute travel must on our bucket list. But why not take a trip off the beaten track for the afternoon and get lost in gelato land? Or better yet, take your gelato to the beach (actually, maybe buy one there instead) and spend a day walking the seaside coast in the sizzling sunshine. Nearby nature reserves Decima-Malafede, Statale Litorale Romano and Tenuta dei Massimi are perfect for those who wish to escape from the hustle and bustle of modern day Rome.

Adventurer seekers (with good walking shoes) might consider following the river Tiber from Rome to the coast which forks just before Fiumicino and flows into the sea. Top sights in Europe don’t have to be rated top by everyone in order to qualify as your favourite! Explore Europe and discover your own favourites with our top sights in Europe guide.

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