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Top Travel Experiences in Europe

So discover our top experiences in Europe and find locations, pit stops, and areas of the globe you didn’t even know existed. With such a variety of diverse countries, cultures and scenery, Europe offers some of the world’s top experiences and delights to visitors from all around the world.

We all love planning our next journey and looking forward to conquering our next mountain or ticking something off our bucket list, so this section is full of experiences in Europe that will blow your mind and leave you flabbergasted.


Best Things to do in Europe

You may be used to hearing the universal list of what to do in Europe, or 10 things you must see in Europe, and of course, it’s guaranteed that these places are unbeatable on a worldly level. However, there are also top experiences in Europe that seem to get discarded or missed off the list. Adventures and ordeals that aren’t overcrowded or overpriced and leave you with eternal visual images and a fuzzy feel when you look back at your trip.

Visit the emerald lake surrounding the picturesque church as you row around Lake Bled in Slovenia or become a child again at Tivoli Gardens; Copenhagen’s famous amusement park. Chase waterfalls around the breathtaking country of Bosnia-Herzegovina or lie on the Sea Organ of Zagreb’s coast; a unique and eco-friendly experience. If you’re seeking a more festive occasion, join the week-long street party in Valencia and watch the Fallas burn at the end of the festival.