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eco hotels italy

Top 5 Eco Hotels in Italy

Whether you’re a self-proclaimed eco-warrior or you simply want to reduce your carbon footprint a little, while traveling, there are various ways to contribute to a green vacation in Italy. Take a trip to the home of history, art, and gastronomy by visiting Italy and discover your favorite environmentally-friendly corner of this enchanting European country.

The following list gives you an insight into the 5 best eco-hotels in Italy where you can not only relax and sightsee at your leisure but also sleep a little sounder knowing your stay is not causing damage to the environment and is even stimulating sustainable tourism practices that can contribute to a greener future.


1. E.c.ho. Starhotel in Milan

The Starhotels E.c.ho (Ecological Contemporary Hotel) in Milan is a 4* hotel that caters for the growing need for environmentally-friendly accommodation. Located a stone’s throw from Milano Centrale train station, this Italian eco-hotel has been built with sustainability in mind in order to offer a green experience for guests without compromising on luxury.

The Starhotels group has designed and built the SH E.c.ho Milan in line with their green values by making sure they use sustainable energy practices, employing recycled materials and controlling the consumption and use of water.


2. Relais del Maro in Borgomaro

Offering the possibility for guests to host their wedding in picturesque Liguria, the Relais del Maro resort in Borgomaro is a member of the EcoWorldHotel chain that pertains to a unique environmentally-friendly philosophy: individually, we are responsible for the protection of the Earth.

Respecting this perspective, the Relais del Maro accommodation offers clients an unforgettable experience in their ‘Albergo Diffuso’, spread out in various rooms throughout the recuperated building that makes up the resort. Their green commitment extends to the surrounding area and promotes local culture, produce and traditions as part of sustainable tourism.


3. Eremito in Parrano

The Eremito resort in Parrano, Umbria offers guests a truly once-in-a-lifetime well-being experience, with a truly rustic style. Located deep within a nature reserve between Florence and Rome, this so-called Eco Hermitage has restored the original building in a sustainable manner to become one of the most luxurious, environmentally-friendly vacation spots in Italy.

A unique retreat that allows visitors the possibility to return to nature and enjoy a digital detox as well as participate in organized activities and workshops related to ecotourism in Italy, sustainable living, healthy lifestyle choices and exploring the natural landscapes that surround the Eremito retreat.


4. EcoHotel in Rome

For city comfort and sustainable tourism within the stunning Italian capital, check out the Ecohotel in Rome where guests can enjoy 3-star accommodation in the Valle dei Casali nature reserve just a few minutes from the hustle and bustle of the ancient city.

As one of the top eco-hotels in Italy, the EcoHotel Roma aims to constantly reduce its negative impacts on the environment by implementing sustainable practices and adopting environmentally-friendly policies, employing renewable energies, reducing water waste and providing locally-sourced, natural ingredients for a healthier diet.


5. Lefay Resort & Spa in Lago di Garda

Built with local, naturally-produced supplies in keeping with the surrounding area, the Lefay Resort and Spa in Lago di Garda, deep within the Riviera dei Limoni, invites guests to discover the luxury resort while also playing a role in the Lefay ecological philosophy.

Using renewable energies and sponsoring cultural and social events in the local area, Lefay Resort & Spa is an exemplary ecohotel practicing sustainable principles that benefit not only the here-and-now but also the future of well-being for both humans and the Earth we inhabit.


Go Green in Italy

Rejuvenate your body and soul with an ecotourism vacation in Italy by visiting one of these exceptional, green hotels that manage their environmental footprint and provide excellent service simultaneously. From boutique city hotels to extensive, regional eco-resorts, Italy has something for anyone seeking an escape from the norm with a sustainable ethos.