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top eco hotels europe

The Top 5 Eco Hotels in Europe

Travel and tourism are one of the most popular activities amongst all age generations, whether on a gap year, looking to escape from the hustle and bustle of work, refresh from your daily routine or travel leisurely after retiring. Global tourism is one of the biggest industries and talk of carbon footprints and impact are starting to shine a negative light on travel and tourism.

So how can you travel without feeling guilty? After all, it’s not just about taking the train instead of a plane. There are lots of ways of being a green (or greener) traveler. Staying in an eco hotel is a great way of contributing to a better environment and doesn’t have to be more expensive, either.

Read through our list of the top 5 eco hotels in Europe to get an idea of some of the most beautiful, ecological and guilt-free holiday locations.

1. Boutique Hotel Stadthalle, Vienna

The Boutique Hotel Stadthalle in Vienna is the first city hotel to have a zero-energy balance and prides itself on its wild lavender rooftop oasis, organic (and truly scrumptious) breakfast and numerous awards for its innovation in C02 reduction and eco-sustainability. On a sunny day, Boutique Hotel Stadthalle’s solar panels will generate enough renewable energy to generate all the hot water used in the building!

In addition, guests who travel by train or bike get a 10% discount thanks to the Green Bonus. In order to claim the discount, you should book directly with the hotel as package bookings may not include the Green Bonus discount offer.

2. Ecomama Hotel, Amsterdam

Choose from the variety of 7 different room types from 12-bed dorms to deluxe luxury bedrooms. The design of this eco hotel is exceptional with the reception made from upcycled books, fair trade materials, and intriguing furniture. Ecomama’s trade motto is “joyful, conscious living in the heart of Amsterdam”. The efficient waste recycling, environmentally friendly water system and natural stone heating all contribute to making your stay at Ecomama Hotel a greener one.

What’s more, this central location is optimal for sightseeing and experiencing life in the heart of Amsterdam. For every night a guest stays at the Ecomama hotel, they donate 1 euro to Niños de Guatemala, a charity that provides quality educations for disadvantaged children in Guatemala.

3. Hostal Grau, Barcelona

Just off of La Rambla, Hostal Grau delights guests with more than its eco-friendly interior, organic materials and PVC-free painted walls. Relax in the OFF room, which has a reduction of electromagnetic, as you sip a cup of natural tea or unwind with a glass of ecological wine.

All of Hostal Grau’s rooms have private bathrooms with toiletries made from natural ingredients such as lavender. The whole building has energy efficient lighting and also has a water recycling system, as well as renewable energy sources. The central location makes Hostal Grau a catch for most visitors.

4. Almodóvar Hotel, Berlin

Vegetarian and vegans will be comfortable here, as will those who enjoy a hearty breakfast—and an organic one at that. Each room has a yoga mat and bean bag chair; perfect for chilling out or stretching after a long day in the city.

The hotel uses nontoxic paint for all interior, sustainable wood furniture and floors, as well as nontoxic cleaning products. The rooftop spa adds a luxury touch to your vacation, too!

5. Solar Hotel, Paris

Located centrally, the Solar Hotel gives further information on green travel in Paris to its guests and uses solar energy. There are also lots of tips for saving energy dotted about the hotel and all cleaning products are 100% organic certified products. The organic breakfast prepares travelers for an energetic day out on the free bicycles provided and the recycling and waste is sorted to maximum potential.

The hotel has a cute patio garden where you can enjoy your morning coffee in the sun before cycling around Paris. Read up on traveling in France with some of our tips.

For more information on eco hotels, check out our post on the top 5 eco hotels in Italy and plan a luxurious getaway to Italy where you can rejuvenate your mind, soul, and body with a guilt-free eco holiday in Italy.