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top experiences italy

Top 10 Experiences in Italy

Looking for a new bucket list? Visiting Italy for the first time? Whether you’re looking for historic myths, ancient art or delicious delicacies, our list of top 10 experiences in Italy will help inspire your next vacation or road trip. Read through our list of Italian destinations, places, and things to do to get a good idea of things you can look forward to on your next Italian adventure!

Visit the Colosseum

Predictable and yet one of the most astonishing things you will visit in your life, the Colosseum is worth the early morning rise to avoid the crowds and admire the sunrise through the ancient stone arches as the day breaks.

Push the Tower of Pisa

push tower pisa
If you haven’t got a photo of you “pushing” the Tower of Pisa over, have you even been to the Tower of Pisa?

It has been said that the tower has reduced its lean slowly over the last two decades but don’t fear, it’s definitely still leaning! Take a trip to Pisa while you can and if possible, take the train to Florence where you can explore museums galore and impressive artistry.

Walk amongst the Remains of Pompeii

remains pompeii
Visiting some of the world’s most famous ruins should be enlightening enough, but visiting this area of Italy will also permit you to explore the Amalfi Coast, Naples, and active volcano sights among other natural wonders.

This ghostly archeological site is almost 2000 years old and still lies preserved by the lava that swarmed the city in 79 AD. The volcanic eruption of Vesuvius is a tragic historic event that enables passers-by to observe ancient Roman life to this very day. Temples, shops, amphitheaters, and even a brothel can be viewed as you walk the Ruins of Pompeii.

Glide along the Canals of Venice

One of the most romantic places in the world? Unfortunately, the tourism in Venice has reached its limit, converting this Venetian gemstone into a tourist site around the seasonal clock. This is potentially due to the fact that Venice really does have something special to offer.

Recommendations for keeping the locals in Venice happy are ensuring that you don’t make matters worse by leaving a mess behind. Recycle whatever you can and if want to make your trip greener, consider staying in an eco-hotel or getting around by bicycle.

Admire the Vatican

When in Rome, visit the Pope and admire Michelangelo’s utter masterpiece! The Vatican is world-famous and definitely worth a visit, particularly to those who are religious or have interests in art and history. Observing the architecture and art of the Vatican is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and is not to be missed!

Juliet’s House

juliet house
Go back in time and visit the Casa di Giulietta and the notorious balcony where the star-struck lovers declared their love for one another. The house is located in Verona, a beautiful city situated between Milan and Venice. Verona is also nearby the Lago di Garda, so be sure to stop off for a dip or spend a night camping by the lakeside.

Lake Como

lago di como
Lago di Como is one of a few commendable lakes in North Italy, with mountainous backdrops and clean fresh air that is welcomed by tired city lungs in search of a vacation. You can do almost anything in this area and the range of sports activities are vast. Travel the towns around the lake, or even contemplate a lake tour with a stop in Switzerland.

Food, Wine, and More Food

Do we dare teach you about Italian food or should we instead insist that you just go as soon as you can? After all, there is a reason that Italian cuisine has spread like wildfire across almost every country’s menu in the world, but of course, you’ll never try a pasta dish, risotto, gnocchi, or even a pizza quite like the ones they make in Italy.

If hot food isn’t quite for you, cool off with a gelato or sorbet that takes your fancy and explore the wealth of wines that are available and come from various regions.

Cinque Terre

cinque terre
Set in the Liguria region of Italy along the Northwest Coast, lies the most rugged, jaw-dropping, color-layered villages against a scenic cliff backdrop. Be prepared to do lots of steps, eat sensational food and take in endless breathtaking views. There are 5 villages which form part of the national park here, which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Capri Island

capri island
Idyllic, aquatic and yet oh-so-green, Capri is an island located right off the boot of Italy. Active volcano, Mt. Etna intrigues geographic explorers (or adventurous travelers), and the caves along the coast provide cool corners in the bright turquoise water. You can circulate the island by boat or climb the green hills to view charming villages or simply perch in a town square to take in all that Capri has to offer.