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Popular Travel Routes in Europe

Road trips, cycling routes, hiking adventures, this section covers popular travel routes in Europe and also includes information on topics such as the best roads in Europe for your next adventures, as well as travel routes on or off the beaten track for explorers.

Pack your sleeping bag, tent and other necessities and set off on an unforgettable journey using a simple route with details that even include pit stops for delicious local delicacies or viewpoints for your next instagram post. Choose to travel a popular route, or something a little more secluded and off the beaten track. Take a cycle route along the coast, or through the mountains if you’re feeling energetic!

Top Routes

Europe is blessed with an assorted range of terrain, landscape and climate, meaning you can choose to go skiing in the Alps, Pyrenees or even in more unfamiliar areas such as Austria or Bulgaria. You can try out almost any sport or activity in boundless locations, as we can guarantee you that there is more than one place for it!

Spend a week touring the spectacular coasts of Portugal and Spain in a campervan, or discover other Europe road trips that might take your fancy. If you’d rather cycle, try out a relaxing route along the River Danube and pass by Vienna, Bratislava, Hungary. If you’re looking for an adventure, cycle the Danube the whole way to the Black Sea in Bulgaria. Never-ending Europe travel routes await you in breathtaking locations, whether you wish to unwind, reactivate, energise or simply take in the sensational views. The routes, locations and travel opportunity are endless!