The best things to do and places to see in Holland

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Cutting-edge design, artistic masterpieces, unique culture, and phenomenal nightlife, mean that visiting Holland is full of opportunities. The flat landscape is dotted with picturesque canals and church spires and the cities are progressive hubs of innovation. For a country of its size there is an incredible amount of things to see in the Netherlands.

Dutch Travel Routes: free motorways and endless cycle paths

Getting around the Netherlands is easy, it a small country with superb transport links. The motorways are free and take through beautiful countryside and past idyllic villages. Cycling is an integral part of Dutch life. Nationwide, more than a quarter of all journeys are made by bike. It is therefore unsurprising that Holland is home to some fantastic cycling routes. Bike rentals are everywhere and there are almost 20,000 miles of cycle lanes. The lack of hills also makes cycling a pain-free pleasure. There are numerous fantastic places to visit in Holland and they are well-connected.

Top Experiences: things to do in the Netherlands

There is an abundance of tourist attractions in the Netherlands. It has an astonishing collection of world-class museums, as well as theme parks, water parks, zoos, and ski resorts. Amsterdam is the capital city, it is culturally-rich and one of the most visited cities in Europe. It is truly unique. Those who make a trip to the Netherlands can see a surprisingly rich variety of nature too. The largest national park is De Hoge Veluwe, which you can explore using free-to-use white bikes and this just one of the numerous jaw-dropping nature reserves. The largest European coastal wetland on the World Heritage list, the Wadden Sea, is definitely worth a visit.

Sightseeing in Holland

Many of the most visited points of interest in Holland are in Amsterdam. The legacy of the great Dutch artists such as Rembrandt and Van Gogh hangs over the city and their masterpieces can be seen museums in like the Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum. The house where Anne Frank hid from the Nazis is a deeply moving experience and now there is a whole host of newer museums, such as Moco. However, Dutch innovation goes far beyond art, the cityscapes of the capital and other places to visit in Holland such as Rotterdam and Utrecht, have structures from the Romanesque, Gothic, Dutch renaissance, neoclassical, modern and postmodern eras.

Top 10 Best Museums in Amsterdam

Explore the Flower Market in Amsterdam

Discover the Netherlands by Interest: Dutch food and culture

Dutch Food

The cornerstone of Dutch cuisine is the high-quality, fresh, regional produce which is readily available. There is an ever-growing number of top level chefs and restaurants. The unique locally-sourced ingredients are given preference so it is a good idea to follow the seasons in terms of choosing dishes. There are thousands of cafes across Holland which have terraces in the summer. They are atmospheric places and an important part of any visit to Holland. Most of them serve food which ranges from basic pub food and snacks to incredible gourmet meals.

Festivals in the Netherlands

Festivals are some of the most popular things to do in the Netherlands for locals and tourists alike. There are events throughout the year which celebrate a wide range of things from herring to tulips. Then there are the numerous music festivals in Holland and the hard thing is deciding which to go to. There are over 1,000 music events annually including huge festivals such as the Pinkpop Festival and the Lowlands Festival. Dance music festivals in Holland have a global reputation especially in the genres of house and techno. Events like DGTL Amsterdam, the 18 Hours Festival, and Into the Woods draw party-goers from around the world.

Shopping in the Netherlands

Whether you prefer big shopping centers, small boutiques, or bargain-hunting in markets, Holland’s cities have countless of each and the country has incredible opportunities for shopping. Amsterdam is the ideal place to find unique items of clothing, there are some very famous shopping streets such as Dam Square and the Albert Cuyp Market, which is the largest outdoor market in Europe. Shopping in Holland is not limited to the capital, cities like Utrecht, Rotterdam, and Maastricht, also have their fair share of shops and markets.

Travel Tips: things to know before going to the Netherlands


The Dutch climate is temperate. The summers are quite mild and the winters are moderately cold. You can travel to the Netherlands at any time of the year. Some of the best months to visit Holland are March to May as you can see the flowers bloom. Temperatures generally rise the further south you go. Holland is a very tourist-friendly destination, it is easy to get around and the level of English is impressive.

Most tourists who visit Holland do not venture outside of Amsterdam, and sometimes Rotterdam of the Hague. There are many other places to go in Holland and they are easy to get to. Visitors should bear in mind that Amsterdam is not reflective of the country overall. Not everyone in the Netherlands is super-liberal, it is a diverse country and people have a range of views and opinions.

Cities to Visit in the Netherlands (Holland)

When you think of cities to visit in Holland, Amsterdam springs to mind and it is an incredible city with some of the best museums in the world, beautiful architecture, and its own distinctive culture. However, there are other fantastic Dutch cities to visit. Utrecht is similar to the capital with its canals, cafe culture, and stunning buildings, but without the hordes of tourists. Maastricht, Rotterdam, Leiden and the Hague, are all fantastic locations and some of the best cities in Holland. When you are traveling to the Netherlands you should consider the less-trodden paths as they will let you experience a more authentic side of Dutch culture.