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Europe Travel Guide

Everything you need to know and more about any European country, its climate, culture and traditions, wondrous attractions and travel possibilities, as well as helpful information and travel advice to prepare you for the trip of a lifetime!

Travel tips and other useful advice

Need to know what to pack for your holiday? Or which is the best form of transport to take to and from the airport? This section of our Travel Tips website contains information on frequent questions when it comes to travelling Europe, but also on things you may not have thought about! Before you visit your next European destination, consult our country pages and have a read about the destination’s profile, cultural information, travel tips and other useful advice.

Whether you’re travelling Europe on a budget or exploring to your heart’s desire, this Europe travel guide also seeks to help those with travel costs, specific travel plans and itineraries. For other ideas on top experiences in Europe or where to go if you wish to discover Europe by interest, take a look at the rest of our website.

Useful Information:

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