The best things to do and places to see in Germany

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Known as the ‘Birthplace of Modernism’, Germany’s contribution to world culture is undeniable. The country’s history is fascinating and the countless museums, monuments, and places to see are a testament to its 2000-year story. Stunning landscapes, a 24-hour party scene, and surprisingly good gastronomy, mean that traveling to Germany offers something for every visitor.

Traveling through Germany: cycle and drive through diverse, enchanting landscapes

Germany’s landscapes are diverse, atmospheric, and perfect for cycling tours and road trips. Winding rivers, moody forests, vineyards, mountains and North Sea beaches combine to provide a unique experience. Some of the most popular routes run through Bavaria, along the majestic River Danube, and over the German Alps. The Autobahn, the German network of highways, means that it’s easy to drive from city to city and enjoy some spectacular views on the way.

Top Experiences: the best things to do in Germany

There is an incredible amount of things to see in on a trip to Germany. It is a vast diverse nation consisting of 16 culturally unique regions. Since the East and the West were reunified following the fall of the Berlin Wall, Germany’s profile as a tourist destination has continued to grow. Festivals in Germany continue to flourish and the most famous is Oktoberfest. Many travelers just go to witness the country’s beauty in places such as the Black Forest, an area with stunning mountain peaks and breathtaking panoramic views. The ‘Romantic Road’ is a famous route which takes travelers past fairytale castles and picturesque villages including the iconic Neuschwanstein castle.

Discover the Oktoberfest in Munich

Living history: Tourism and sightseeing in Germany

The long, eventful history of Germany and its different regions has left its mark and there is an abundance of tourist attractions in Germany including 42 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Many of the sites are in Berlin, where there are numerous monuments are museums related to World War II. There are also countless art galleries as well as testaments to other eras of Germany’s history such as the Reichstag Building (the parliament during the Weimar Republic) and the Pergamon, which displays artefacts from ancient times. However, interesting places to go in Germany are not limited to the capital, many visitors go to Munich and other towns and cities in Germany which are full of sights to see.

Discover Germany by interest: French food, festivals, shopping, and culture

Gastronomy in Germany

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German food
has much more to it than just beer and sausages. Each region has its own speciality dishes as well as variations of German classics. German food is rich, diverse, comforting, and delicious. There are over 250 Michelin-star restaurants including 11 with three stars. Meat features prominently and it is often braised and served with a range of vegetables. Aside from beer, there are also a range of world-class German wines including the famous Riesling, a white wine made in the Rhine.

German Music Festivals

Whatever music you’re into, there is a German music festival for you. There are festivals in parks, mountains, forests, and beaches where you can find music of all genres. Most of them take place over the summer months though not always in the sun! Some of the most popular music festivals in Germany include Lollapalooza, Melt Festival, Rock am Ring/Rock im Park, and the Hurricane/Southside Festival. Outside of festivals the music scene in Germany is ongoing and some clubs stay open for whole weekends!

Shopping in Germany

Germany is fantastic country for shopping. From quaint markets full of fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, and locally-made products, to huge malls where you can find all the major high-street brands, you can find pretty much everything there. The prices are lower than people imagine and every town and city has its highlights. Hamburg, the third-largest port in the world, has particularly impressive shops.

Travel tips: essential things to know before visiting Germany

Before you visit Germany it is important to be aware of certain things. Though most stereotypes about Germans are not accurate, it is a well-organized, orderly country and it’s important to respect to rules, laws, and etiquette. However, Germans are not overly-serious people, they love to joke and always want to have a good time.

Germany is in the Schengen Area which means that travelers can enter from other Schengen countries without crossing a hard border. If you travel to Germany outside of the Schengen Area, it may be necessary to apply for a visa depending on your country of origin.

Fascinating cities to visit in Germany

Berlin is the first city that springs to mind when you think of visiting Germany. It is a bohemian, edgy, tolerant, fascinating place to visit with an incredible range of attractions. Munich, the Bavarian capital which is famous for its beer halls and its medieval architecture is also very popular. Hamburg, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Cologne, Nuremberg, and Dresden are also culturally-rich, popular places to visit in Germany with their own fascinating sights to see.