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best beaches spain

The Best Beaches in Spain

Planning a tranquil beach holiday with spectacular views is fairly easy to do if you are planning on visiting Spain. The real challenge is locating a golden stretch of sand which isn’t already occupied or hasn’t quite been discovered yet. With thousands or coves and stretches of sandy coastline, Spain offers a soothing holiday by its aquamarine waters to millions every year. Read our guide on the best beaches in Spain to help plan your next trip and discover the best places to visit on a beach holiday, whether with your family, friends or other half.

Best Beaches in Asturias

Asturias is a spectacularly verdant region of Spain, situated on the north coast. You can encounter natural beauty at its finest both inland and along the coast in this area of North Spain. We recommend two beaches in particular if you are planning a vacation in Asturias.

Playa Cuevas del Mar

cuevas mar asturias

Our favorite beach by far in Asturias is the jaw-dropping Playa Cuevas del Mar which boasts shallow waves that wash over smooth stretches of sand in the presence of large rock formations. The dramatic rocks standing in the water are certainly scenic if you are looking for a beautiful beach holiday destination in Spain.

Playa de Santa Marina

Travel west along the coast and encounter the Playa de Santa Marina which is a much longer beach out in the open. The Rio Sella flows into the sea here and adds to the clarity of the sea water significantly.


Best Beaches in the Balearic Islands

Visit any of the Balearic Islands and discover some of the best beaches where you can truly unwind on vacation.


Platja de Ses Illetes, Formentera

ses illetes formenteraFormentera is a much smaller Balearic island, but it doesn’t let us down one single bit. With its bohemian vibes, Formentera provides plenty of charming coves and tranquil areas for relaxing in a Mediterranean paradise. Platja de Ses Illetes is a well-known beach on the island and for good reason, too. The white sand and turquoise sea make for the perfect summer beach spot that also promises a tasty lunch in the cafes and restaurants nearby.

Cala en Turqueta, Menorca

Lined with crystal clear calas, Menorca offers visitors some of the best beaches in Spain. Visit Cala en Turqueta or hop between coves on a relaxing vitamin sea vacation. Menorca is often overlooked with its larger, more popular neighbor, Mallorca, stealing its thunder so don’t let this put you off choosing it.


Even more beautiful beaches in Spain

If we haven’t inspired you enough for your next summer vacation, check out some more of these aquatic gems.


Playa del Inglés, Gran Canaria

One of Gran Canaria’s most popular attractions, Playa del Inglés attracts seaside lovers with its rolling sand dunes and sensational climate. You can visit Gran Canaria during spring or autumn and still experience pleasantly warm summer temperatures which is an off-peak travel advantage.


Cies Islands, Galicia

islas cies galiciaAny beach you encounter on these enchanting Galician islands will be your favorite for the day, until you reach the next one. The luscious greenery that carpets its mountainous range complements the blue sea creating an incredibly exotic feel. The island’s beaches are considered some of the best beaches in Spain and receive many visitors every year. However, visiting off-peak or during midseason may be the happy medium for pleasant temperatures and less crowds.


Playa de Langre, Cantabria

We couldn’t keep away from Spain’s north coast for too long! Playa de Langre is protected by the impressive cliffs surrounding and makes for a breathtaking beach vacation destination.


If you haven’t decided on your next travel destination but you are certain that you would like to be by the coast, why not take a look at our best beaches in Croatia blog post and check out the wonders that the Adriatic Coast has to offer.