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Visiting Austria: the best things to do and places to see

Epic scenery, fairytale palaces and castles, and world-class skiing resorts make Austria an enticing tourist destination. Vienna, the country’s capital, offers magnificent architecture and fascinating museums while the rural parts offer an idyllic escape. The Austrian Alps and the River Danube provide a stunning backdrop for an unforgettable trip.

Cycling and Driving through Austria: Breathtaking Rivers and Mountains

Austria is renowned for its picturesque cycling and driving routes. Although the terrain is very mountainous most of the popular cycle routes are fairly flat and suitable for beginner cyclists. The Danube cycle path from Passau to Vienna is one of the most popular routes in Europe and other rivers such as the Moell, Mur, and Drau also provide stunning backdrops.
The Austrian Alps are epic and a must for drivers and cyclists. The high, alpine roads, jaw-dropping peaks, and breathtaking lakes make any trip to Austria unforgettable.

Top Experiences: Things to See Austria

Austria is the winter sports capital of Europe. Unsurprisingly one of the most popular things to do in Austria is skiing where there are numerous world-class ski resorts amid some of the most stunning mountains in the world. Austria is just as beautiful. and just as popular, when the snow melts in the summer. Visitors can enjoy hiking in the Alps and can explore the many historic places to visit in Austria including a host of medieval fortresses and castles. One of the most breathtaking points of interest in Austria is the High Mountain National park which combines sensational valley landscapes with with fascinating ancient ruins.

Sightseeing in Austria

As well as its mind-boggling landscapes, Austria also has a culturally-rich side which is characterized by superb collections of fine art and range of architectural styles. Vienna, the capital city, has many of the most popular things to see in Austria. The city is packed with medieval and baroque structures. The Schönbrunn Palace, with its 1441 rooms, could be from a fairytale and it is a particular highlight. Vienna is also renowned for its performance-art traditions and many famous composers such as Mozart, Beethoven, and Brahms once resided there.

A romantic walk through the Schloss Schönbrunn Gardens in Vienna

Discover Austria by Interest: Austrian Food and Culture

Austrian Gastronomy

Traditional Austrian food is hearty and delicious. maet and dumplings is a typical combination. Wiener Schnitzel (fried, bread-crumbed veal) is a national dish which is well-known throughout the world. Austria is also renowned for its mouthwatering desserts and pastries. Strudel is probably the most famous. The Sacher cake, a type of chocolate cake, is incredible and the Sacher Cafe (who baked the original) remains a popular tourist attraction in Austria.

Music Festivals in Austria

For a country of its size, there is an incredible amount for music lovers. Each year there are over 200 music festivals in Austria. The country has been hosting world-class music concerts for centuries and today visitors can find festivals spanning all music genres. There are the big festivals such as Elevate Festival, Rave on Snow, and Electric Love. There are also many smaller festivals which celebrate the country's musical heritage.

Discover the best music festivals in Austria

Shopping in Austria

Visitors are always impressed with the large shopping malls in Austria as well as the colorful markets and small souvenir shops. Austria’s cities and towns have easily accessible pedestrian zones where you can enjoy an afternoon’s shop. Shops are generally open from 8 am to 7 pm (6 pm on Saturdays) and are closed on Sundays. Shoppers should be aware that paying by credit card is not as common as in other parts of Europe so it is necessary to take cash.

Travel Tips: Things to Know before Visiting Austria

The official language is Austrian German which is very similar to standard German. English is widely spoken, especially in the cities, and in tourist hotspots. However, older people in rural parts of the country tend not to. It is a good idea to learn at least a few basic German phrases before you go.

The weather is very changeable so it is advisable to check the forecast each day before setting off. Though there is a well-connected network of shelters and trails, there are always a few accidents each year in the Austrian Alps as a result of carelessness. Hikers and explorers should take necessary precautions when visiting Austria.

Best Cities to Visit in Austria

Vienna is the most popular city to visit in Austria. It is a cultural haven famed for its magnificent architecture, fine art museums, and classical music concert halls. many of Austria’s most significant attractions are situated there. However, there are other charming and unique places to go in Austria. Salzburg is the birthplace of Wolfgang Mozart and is famed for its musical heritage. It is surrounded by the Alps so is also the perfect starting point for outdoor activities.