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a day in the capital of croatia zagreb

A Day in the Capital of Croatia: Zagreb

If you’ve only got one day in Zagreb, follow our 24-hour guide to Zagreb, the things you should see, places to visit and even yummy bites to eat. Feel free to stretch out these plans over the course of 2 days or even more if you’re on a Zagreb city break or stopping over for more than a day.

Zagreb is the economic, cultural, scientific, and administrative center of the Republic of Croatia shielded from chilly northern winds thanks to the Medvednica mountain range. Close to the edge of the Alps and yet only a 2-hour drive to the dazzling Adriatic seashore, Zagreb is a city hub that fascinates its passers-by on a daily basis.

1-Day Itinerary in Zagreb

Start your morning by taking a stroll amongst the many idyllic, little lanes and pick a cafe where you can enjoy a yummy breakfast. One of our favorite areas is along the street, Ul. Ivana Tkalčića where you can sit facing the street and take up the local habit of people watching!

Make your way down to the main square where you can view the Ban Josip Jelačić monument. If you prefer eating a late breakfast, you can pick something up here instead. The main square is large and usually bustling with locals crossing, the tram passing by and tourists finding their way. If you only have a day in Zagreb, you should definitely visit this heart of the Croatian capital which will help you to feel complete in your sightseeing in Zagreb.

The Zagreb Eye Observation Deck is worth a climb if you enjoy panoramic views and will enable you to hone in on all the nooks and crannies of Zagreb, as well as the view of terracotta roofs and enchanting architecture.

Things to Do in Zagreb

a day in zagreb itinerary

Our top sightseeing ideas for Zagreb will give you some choice as to what you do, given that the number of inquisitive museums and extraordinary places that Zagreb has don’t permit you to do it all in a day!

Museum of Broken Relationships

If there’s only one thing you can door indoors while in Zagreb, this museum is a must! Unlike no other museum in the world, the museum of broken relationships is truly heart-wrenching and awakening all in one. Leave this museum changed by stories replicated by objects chosen by storytellers and reflect on your own relationships, past, and future to come!

Ilica Street: The Longest Street in Croatia

If you only have one day in Zagreb, it really isn’t a good idea to try to walk this whole street given that it’s the longest in the whole of Croatia! Great for some lunch or delicious cakes, this street holds the constant hustle and bustle of the Croatian capital.

Museum of Illusions

Another quirky option for museum lovers, both adults and children can enjoy the various illusions and brain tricks in store at the Museum of Illusions. The museum is near Britanac Square, another nice location for a bite to eat. If you’re visiting on the weekend, there is a flea market that also has antiques, vintage accessories, clothes, books, and more and mostly on the cheap—bargaining is key.

End Your Day with the Oldest Cable Car in Europe

At the end of your day in Zagreb, take the funicular railway up to the Old Town for a beautiful sunset view of the city. Fun fact: It’s the oldest cable car in Europe! Explore the Old Town and be sure to pop into St. Mark’s Church. The Old Town is a wonder to walk at night with lots of benches for gazing down on the city, cafes, museums and plenty more.

Zagreb Nightlife

If you’re not exhausted enough after your day out, try out one of Zagreb’s many clubs for a night out. The Lemon Club is a good option for those staying in the center but there are lots more such as Katran with up to 4 dance floors! If you’d rather a quiet one, you can try one of Zagreb’s many cafe-lined streets and get together with friends for drinks or a cheeky cocktail! Enjoy!